2017s Adrienn Dorsánszki / Mars Project | UNKNOWN


2017s Adrienn Dorsánszki / Mars Project

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Adrienn Dorsánszkが発刊したMars Project。




I studied painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and since graduation I have been working as the producer and artistic director of the Delle Association in Budapest. I have been involved in the development of alternative educational methods for Tanext Academy where I was responsible for a project dealing with improving individual talents of the students. Also, I am an external lecturer at the Eötvös Loránd University (Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies) where my aim is to provide courses where students can develop their skills and knowledge through practice. I find it important to have an atmosphere around me where there is trust and the furthering of the individual is always in the focus.

I am committed to authenticity and enthusiasm, and believe in the value of crafts and crafting, and the importance of learning how to really see and understanding visuality. Living in this world slowly and with an open mind is all that there is to work with. My wide range of interests help me in participating a variety of different projects and being able to quickly grasp the opportunities and challenges in these.

I like to walk around in my flat while brushing my teeth. While stumbling around, I feel the urge to do things, and my mind shifts quickly from one thing to the other. What else do I do ? I walk across the room and go outside the terrace where the air is hot and the floor is cold, and I look at the full moon. On the bright side of the moon it is exactly 106 degrees. Then I flip my toothglass which falls down for three floors. This is pointless, and besides, I shouldn't do this. But what one shouldn't do shows what one can and should do. It helps us to perceive reality around us.

Being generous and occasionally loose and reckless is good, and at times even necessary, but sometimes you have to leave all these behind. Brushing my teeth is the moment when I realise my responsibility for things. One of the best moments.






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